Blog Post #2

What will you find?
Family Room

….with comfortable chairs, this is a cozy area where cancer patients and family members can relax or gather to discuss some of the resource materials that are available throughout the center.


…for people who want to go online to search for cancer information, The Hawthorne offers a library, complete with computers, a printer and fax machine. Shelves in the library are filled with reading materials, pamphlets and audio-video tapes.

Resource Area

…behind the family room is an area with shelves and bookcases filled with resource materials. With study tables and chairs, it is a great place to actively research cancer issues.

A second resource room is located across from the library. This room is equipped with a TV/VCR for viewing videotapes, audio equipment for listening to relaxation and educational tapes, and a telephone for scheduling appointments. By closing the door, this space can become a private meeting room for families and very small groups. Or, it can be used as a quiet room for meditation.

Meeting Room 

…across the back of The Hawthorne is a large meeting area that provides space for lectures, workshops, support group meetings, arts and crafts, and social events. It is equipped for visual presentations as well as social functions.

Quiet Room

..this private room may be used for phone calls, meditation, counseling, quiet conversation or hair/wig styling sessions. There is also a TV and DVD player for entertainment or education.

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