Volunteer Spotlight…Maureen Carey

Maureen Carey

Hawthorne Volunteer since 2001
You’ll find Maureen here on: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

What motived you to volunteer?
My family has been impacted by cancer and this is my way of giving back. I thought I could help patients who come into The Hawthorne relax and meet people who care and understand.

What do you do enjoy most about volunteering?
There are any number of things about it that I find fulfilling. I enjoy greeting everyone who comes in the door. We give out wigs, hats, scarves, prosthesis and bras to women who come in for this kind of help, and they leave with a smile on their face. Many new patients come in for the first time for conversation and all you have to do to help is listen.

What situation has touched you most?
One day a woman came in with her two little children. She was scheduled for treatment and told the girls to sit while she was gone. She had the children’s lunch packed and told me that their dad was coming in to eat with them. They did this for about 6 weeks. I watched him pray with the children and then enjoy their lunch until mom returned from her treatment.
If mom’s treatment was long, the girls and I would read books. They would pick out the candy they wanted from the candy bowl and the older one would remind me that her sister was allergic to peanuts.
I was so moved by this family– not because the mother was sick–but because of the love they all showed for one another.