Volunteer Spotlight…Meet Mary

What motivated you to volunteer at The Hawthorne?

When I began volunteering it was mainly to give back to the community since I had just gone through a year of chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer.  Now my reasons are much more profound: I lost my husband to cancer; my Mother is a two-time survivor; and my Dad suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia for 17 years prior to his death.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering? 

I especially enjoy connecting with the survivors and their families and being able to shed some light in the depth of their darkness… also, offering comfort to those who grieve.  In other words, I’ve walked the walk so I CAN talk the talk.  Most of all, it feels great when I can offer hope and or a hug.

What situation has touched you the most?

When a 16 year old came in with her parents.  The young girl had uterine cancer. The family’s financial situation was strained and their electric bill was pass due.  With a sick child and a younger one at home and the threat of the power being cut off, their situation was overwhelming.  Thankfully, with financial assistance, we were able to resolve it.  This is an example of only one case.  There are so many more: families coming through our doors are in need of encouragement, hope, love, inspiration, hugs and much more!