About Us

IMG_5371The Johns Cancer Foundation was established by Dr. William A. Johns and named in honor of his uncle, Dr. Frank S. Johns.

In April 2015 the name of the foundation was officially changed to the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation.

CJW Medical Center-Johnston-Willis campus, home of the Thomas N. P. Johns Radiation Oncology Center, contributes office space and support to the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation. From its inception, the purpose of the Hawthorne Cancer Foundation has been to foster the continuing education of men and women in the Richmond area who have devoted their lives to medicine. Today, while educational assistance is still important, the emphasis of the Foundation has shifted to comprehensive support for cancer patients.

Mission Statement

Through education of patients and families, the Foundation hopes to lessen fears through better understanding. Through financial support, the Hawthorne Foundation seeks to ease their financial strain. This Foundation is dedicated to soliciting and distributing monetary donations and contributions of services and equipment. Individuals who either reside in or obtain treatment in the city of Richmond and surrounding counties are candidates for the Foundation’s assistance.

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