Grant Program

Our Mission is simple…we raise money and give 100% of it to cancer patients and their families.

The Hawthorne Cancer Foundation, in cooperation with our Hawthorne Cancer Resource Center, exists to lessen the financial and emotional burden of cancer.

  • We provide financial resources to support cancer patients and their families.  This assist is provided for patients currently undergoing or recently undergoing cancer treatment throughout the Richmond Metropolitan area.
  • Grant nominations are reviewed on a monthly basis and are accepted from patients’ doctors and/or social workers.
  • As the burden of fighting cancer can have a devastating financial impact on patients and their families, grant funds may be used for a wide range of needs including food, shelter, transportation, and other living expenses.  The only restriction is that the funds not be used for medical bills.
  • Our Goal is to establish and maintain the mens for donations to this Fund, as well as matching grants from companies, organizations, and foundations to be tax deductible.

Want to Nominate a patient? — Simply Click Here.

(Please note this document is password protected. Please contact our office for the password.)


The Hawthorne Cancer foundation has existed since 1965, and we are most grateful for your generosity.


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